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Vending Machines Charlotte

Carolina Food Services delivers the very best products selections for your business with no hassles from us. We install all of our vending machines free of charge and we will monitor your machines and product selections continually to make sure you are functioning at your fullest. When looking for a high quality vending company, you need to make sure that your vending company will provide:

  • Free installation and maintenance
  • State of the art equipment that is clean and reliable
  • A large selections of brand name products, including healthier snacking alternatives
  • 24/7 customer service
  • The option to subsidize employee costs

Subsidy Option: In addition to our “traditional vending services,” we offer our customers the option to subsidize the cost of products in order to lower the vended price for their employees. Although subsidies do add an expense to the company, there’s no question it leads to happier employees, which has found to be a great benefit!
Free Vend: With Free Vending, your company pays the entire cost of products that we provide to your facility. It is a great benefit to offer your team of employees to stay on the premises throughout the day. It has been proven that majority of employees value this benefit far more than it really costs to provide!
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Office Coffee Service (“OCS”):

Carolina Food Services can give you the very best office coffee service by giving you the right equipment, quality brands, popular flavors, and all the necessary supplies. Offering a hot brewed beverage solution including an assortment of coffee, teas or hot chocolate with quality break room supplies is a great asset for any business. All brewing equipment is provided to you free of charge and we continually monitor your break room to make sure it is fully stocked. Let us help make your break room a success! Call us today for more information 704.391.8363.