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Vending Machines Charlotte

Carolina Food Services could not have become the leader in customer service without adopting specialized technologies for inventory control and management. These advances in technology enable us to reduce errors and be more efficient in all aspects of our operation.

Because we have invested in the latest technology, our quality control program means that we're rarely out of products and a large percentage of service requests are responded to within a few hours. You need a customized report? No problem! Just let us know and we can provide you with the information you need to keep your business operations moving smoothly.

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Carolina Food Services has snack vending machines equipped with infrared technology guaranteeing product delivery. This technology uses a laser which beams across the delivery chamber and if the product selected does not break the beam, the customer's money is returned.

With Streamware software, Carolina Food Services optimizes product mix, space to sales & quantities. We can help eliminate product sell-outs and turns machine alerts into service calls automatically which provides unprecedented service to our customers.